Schneider Engineering, Ltd. offers a full array of engineering, business consulting, project management, and field-based services. To ensure successful projects, our engineers and consultants bring positive ENERGY to our projects, our FOCUS on our Clients' needs, and our unyielding COMMITMENT to our Clients is quality.


Our professional engineers and technicians provide engineering design and planning services to assist electric utilities, large industrial, and power generation Clients with their project needs.  Our design and construction engineering teams are FOCUSED on providing practical, reliable, and constructible solutions to meet project goals.  System planning engineers bring ENERGY to analysis and develop strategic plans to economically grow electric systems in a reliable, safe manner to meet growing demands of your electric infrastructure.

DESIGN   Distribution  |  Transmission  |  Substation  |  Protection and Control  |  SCADA  |  Power Generation
SYSTEM PLANNING   Long Range Plans  |  Construction Work Plans  |  System Studies
ANALYSIS / OPERATIONAL SUPPORT  Arc-Flash/Sectionalizing | Reactive Studies | Voltage Drop Analysis | Power Quality

iStock 000012492627Large - Project Managment2PROJECT MANAGEMENT

Consistent and effective project management greatly improves the probability that a project will be completed on-time and on-budget.  Our project managers provide FOCUSED, consistent communication with our Clients and drive project outcomes with clear, well-defined scopes, milestone schedules, and budgets.  Our project management strategy is engineered with a COMMITMENT to quality control and assurance in delivery for every project.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT  Project Management    Construction Management


Our team of business consultants are equipped and FOCUSED to help our Clients succeed in the challenging and dynamic utility business. Our services are designed to help our Clients navigate the changing business and regulatory environments, and meet the challenges of today's electric utility industry. 

REGULATORY   Agency Tracking and Compliance  |  Audit Support
FINANCIAL SERVICES   Cost of Service/Rate Studies  | Power Cost Recovery
POWER SUPPLY   Wholesale and Retail Power Procurement, Planning, and Design
ENERGY SERVICES   AMI/Smart Grid Planning  |  Large Power Account Check  |  Conservation and Renewable

EM0B0809websharp2 2FIELD SERVICES

Technical field services are FOCUSED on the successful implementation of design and planning work.  Our field services team performs surveying and staking of T&D projects, easement procurement, construction inspections, and construction management.  Our team of experienced professional are COMMITTED to project delivery in a cost effective, efficient manner utilizing state-of-the-art industry tools and practices, and are dedicated to project success through effective project review, quality control, and management.

FIELD SERVICES   Construction Management  |  Inspection Services   |  Field Staking and Design  | Power Quality